What's In Our Store

Main Steet Magic & Fun is a unique store that offers a huge selection of magic tricks, "How To" DVDs, magician props, puzzles, and novelties. Here you will find not only items for sale but a unique, fun, and entertaining environment for the entire family.

Magic and Card Tricks

The biggest question in any visitor's mind is "Can I perform this trick"? A positive answer to that question is just as important to us as it is to you. If you are new to magic, we suggest starting with simpler tricks that are easily mastered. We demonstrate every trick before we sell it and teach you how to perform it after you buy it.

Magic store display

We offer an incredibly large selection of tricks that span the full range of experience from beginner to professional. We stock over 140 DVDs that allow you to learn tricks at your own pace. We also offer complete beginner and intermediate magic sets - each containing between 100 and 150 dazzling tricks. These sets make a perfect gift for the aspiring entertainer.

The store contains a wide selection magic props including, wands, top hats, and much more.

Everyone Welcome

Whether you make a purchase or not, everyone is welcome to visit and experience our store.

Bring the whole family when you come. From the toddler to the grandpa - there's sure to be many things that will entertain and please.